Big enough to matter, small enough to care



Beauty and trust go hand in hand ......

People want products that keep their promises – like the tweezers from Swiss quality brand Rubis.

When make-up artists like Bobbi Brown swear by Rubis, they do so because the brand sets the standards to which today's cosmetic tweezers must aspire.

It almost certainly takes a woman like Fides Baldesberger to have seen how perfectly the precision tweezers, originally made for the Swiss watch industry, corresponded with the needs of cosmetics professionals and consumers.

Today, Rubis can point to a wide-ranging beauty program that ranges from economical entry-level models to innovative, hygienic tweezers with a special antibacterial coating.

What all products have in common is their uncompromising approach to quality: they are designed to provide a maximum life span without any loss of function – and therefore pay off from both an economic and an ecological perspective.

In order to guarantee this, each pair of tweezers goes through as many as 45 work stages by hand in the Swiss manufacturing plant and they must all pass a strict final inspection under magnifying glasses before being released for sale.

Yet Rubis stands for more than just quality and precision: the name is also synonymous for outstanding design.  The products are regularly honoured with awards for their fine design.

Rubis want people to be able to surround themselves in their everyday lives with objects that are both functional and attractive.  With products that keep their promises in every sense.  What people want today are honest products; products that they can trust.